Below you can find several DIY projects I have built. If you are interested in having me repair or build a custom project for you, please feel free to contact me.

Circuit Bent Panasonic AVE5 Video Glitch Processor

The Panasonic AVE5 video mixer and FX processor is one of the most common outdated video units that lends itself well to circuit bending. I added a series of 3-position toggle switches to activate the glitches that short circuit the unit's processor for glitched out effects.

The Inanimate Carbon Mic


Drawing inspiration from the Placid Audio Coppertone mic, I decided to try my hand and building a lo-fi effect mic out of the carbon mic element found in old telephones. With some helpful suggestions from the Group DIY forum, I was able make this work on phantom power. It's a very simple circuit that lets the distorted, bandwidth limited sound of the carbon element shine. It  sounds nothing like the Coppertone but I think it will serve me well as a room mic or a distorted vocal mic for that crappy lo-fi sound.

Mike's Walkie Mic


This is a piece built for my good friend, singer and keyboardist, Mike Adame. He wanted something to give his vocals a lo-fi radio sound with a few effects built in. As per his request, I built his mic into an old walkie talkie and then added controls for built in distortion and ring modulation.

Shit Can Guitar Amp


I built this mini amp into a crappy old tin and appropriately named it "The Shit Can". The design is based on the Ruby amp circuit from This 1/2 Watt amp can actually achieve some pretty nice guitar tones from smooth to chunky and it's even powerful enough to drive a 4x12 cab.

Stereo NES


The original NES produces mono sound only, I modded mine to produce switchable mono or stereo sound with separate 1/4" outputs. The internal NES CPU produces sound in two channels, one carries two square wave channels and the other carries a triangle wave channel, the noise channel and the sample channel. I tapped the separate CPU outputs straight at the source before filtering and summing which provides for cleaner output. These mods were performed to provide for better use with my custom MIDI NES cartridge which allows me to play the internal oscillators of the NES with any MIDI source. Below you can hear a track I produced with Mike Adame using the MIDI NES, Fat Man synth, circuit bent Speak and Math and circuit bent Alesis HR-16 drum machine. Greyhound-Everyone rams by mikeadamus

Dirty MIRT


Before I describe this, I should note that I built this device for educational purposes only and it has since been destroyed. I do not condone building or using such a device by anyone other than the proper authorities. The MIRT is a device used by law enforcement and emergency services like ambulances and fire trucks to produce green traffic lights so they can pass through safely. Ever seen those weird little black devices sitting on top of traffic lights? Those are infrared sensors. The MIRT device produces infrared light at a very specific frequency. When the sensors pick it up, they switch the lights to green. I followed directions from a well known online resource to produce my "dirty MIRT" device using a 72 IR LED array.



There was a period in my life where I went through a serious drum addiction. I started building my own drums and refurbishing vintage drums. I don't want to try and show off all my drums because, believe me, there are a lot more. Here are a few builds of mine though. One is vented a 7x14" 20 ply maple snare with wood hoops. I ordered the shell from, then drilled it for hardware and vents, dyed it a greenish/yellow, gave it a tung oil finish and installed all the hardware. The black brass snare is made from a rolled and welded brass World Max shell purchased from The shell is very similar to the Ludwig "Black Beauty" snares and is used in most Black Beauty replica drums made by other drum companies. Next you'll see my main kit with shells again purchased from The kick is 8 ply maple, 18X22". The toms are 6 ply maple, 7.5x12" and 14x16". All drums have a simple matte clear coat finish with Hayman style lugs. This is by far the best sounding kit I have ever played.